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22 Jul 2016

custom artwork to plush toys

Designing and creating a custom plush stuffed animal can be tons of fun! Whether it's turning a storybook character into a custom stuffed animal, or a company or school mascot into giveaway items, or a new and exciting toy for retail sales, there is always a sense of pride in playing Geppetto and bringing Pinocchio to life!

To make sure you have a wonderful experience, be selective in choosing a plush manufacturer that will meet your needs. Customized stuffed animals can vary greatly in quality, design, and workmanship, so be sure to ask about the manufacturer's quality. One way to find out is to ask about the types of customers that the manufacturer services; vending machine or carnival plush tend to be lower in quality, while licensed products and plush for the collegiate industry tend to be higher in quality. Pay attention to the customer service you receive; is the plush manufacturer easily reached by phone or email, are they responsive to your inquiries? Ask how much experience does the plush manufacturer have? Will you be working directly with a expert plush designer, or a salesperson? Will you be able to make revisions without having to pay more money?

Another topic to discuss is prototype fees. Make sure you understand what the prototype fee covers and does not cover. Are revisions included in those fees, or do you have to pay extra? As with most industries, cheapest isn't always the greatest, and sometimes you do get what you pay for. Conversely, the most expensive doesn't mean you will get the best products and services, all it means is you are "locked" into the manufacturer, and switching manufacturer's becomes more difficult. Make sure you are satisfied with the answers to your questions above.

custom drawing to plush toys


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